Self Evaluation RPL Checklists

Qualifications through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)


You may already be eligible for all or part of some of these qualifications through life and work experience so you don't need to do a formal course. Try one of our self evaluation links below:


    BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership & Management SELF EVALUATION

    BSB50820 Diploma of Project Management SELF EVALUATION

    BSB50215 Diploma of Business SELF EVALUATION

    BSB60120 Advanced Diploma of Business SELF EVALUATION

    BSB60420 Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management SELF EVALUATION


Qualifications Assessed by Hamel Institute RTO 32399. Issued by Hamel Institute RTO 32399


New to RPL?

Recognition of prior learning: (RPL) The acknowledgement of a person's skills and knowledge acquired through previous training, work or life experience, which may be used to grant status or credit in a subject or module.

Recognition of current competencies: (RCC) The acknowledgement of competencies currently held by a person that have been acquired through training, work or life experience. This is more commonly known as Recognition of prior learning.

Credit: The acknowledgement that a person has satisfied the requirements of a unit of competency, either through previous study (credit transfer) or through work or life experience (recognition of prior learning). The granting of credit exempts the student from that part of the course.

Credit transfer: (CT) The granting of credit by an institution or training organisation to students for units of competency completed at the same or other institution or training organisation. This will reduce the cost and time invested in a qualification.

Courses and Qualifications: Although we use the term courses we are in fact talking about qualifications which are given at the successful completion of a course (on-line, in-class, RPL/RCC or combinations).

Units and Subjects: The term unit (full term Unit of Competency) refers to stand alone competencies that are used with others to make up qualifications. The term subject is what occurs at higher education organisations such as universities