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General Information

This form is used to confirm what you, the client, “can” do. This is a series of questions regarding your work and life experiences. They may have occurred in your primary occupation, in your local community groups or during own time activities.

There are more questions here then are generally required. This means that it is ok if you cannot answer every question. This provides flexibility in selecting the most appropriate electives for your outcome.

If any questions are poorly expressed, could you please enter the number, for e.g., “Q6 confusing” or “Q10 and Q21 seem the same”.

When Answering

Remember the point is to collect information from you as simply as possible – please do not feel that there are specific rules as to how this is to be presented.

When answering please start with the calendar year for the event (e.g., 2020) or period range (e.g., 2015 – 2018) so we know how current the experience is.

We understand that your workplace may have official and commercial constraints on information. There is no need to use sensitive wording. For example, if you are regularly leading teams to have a specific piece of equipment maintained and operational then simply use generic terms, for e.g., “fleet capability or fleet management” – you do not need to identify the actual thing.

When discussing teams or work groups – try to give a robust and overall idea of the size of personnel including annual fluctuations in your responsibilities, for e.g., “up to 5 specialists” or “10+ specialists” or “30+ specialists & technicians”.

When discussing the value of your responsibilities and accountabilities – try to be robust to include Assets, Resources and Remunerated Staff as an overall figure, for e.g., “up to $50k, up to $100k, $100k - $250k, up to $500k, up to $1m, $1m+, $10m+ “etc.

Where the question asks for multiple examples, you can simply separate them in the same area, for e.g., “Answer 1 2019” or “Answer 2 2020-2021”.

If an area was already sufficiently covered in a previous response, then refer to it, for e.g., “Refer Question 10 Above” or “Refer Question 6 Above and Question 29 Below”.

Please ensure each response is appropriately addressing the question in detail otherwise you could unnecessarily delay the assessment process if we need to seek additional information that was readily available.


If you believe your response is also listed somewhere sufficiently or to reinforce a point, for e.g., a high score on an annual report for leadership, then link to it, for e.g., “Reference (or Ref) 2018 Annual Report Page 6 – Leadership Grading & Comments”.

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