What about the cost?

The website has a comprehensive one page listing of the fees upfront so you can obtain the best price and service. As we now approach a 100% referral rate for new clients we want to make sure that your experience with us is positive, affordable and of quality. Check out this link to the fees.

How do you work out the cost?

Generally we only charge for the administration of the qualification and the units created within it.

Tell me about the RPL process.

Generally we do not collect fees until we are confident that you will receive the outcome. Follow the link to read more about RPL.

What is a free or initial assessment?

There is nothing really complicated about providing general information about qualifications you should consider. We do this for you during an initial phone interview. One of the really great things is that we will generally conduct the start of the RPL process without an upfront payment. this provides an embedded cooling off period for you.

How does your contract with other RTOs work?

We often encourage clients to use a mix of providers so that not all of their qualifications come from the one provider and they experience affordable quality. This supports depth development within the resume of the client. You will go through our regular process but a successful qualification result will be issued by another RTO (another branding).

I hear that you do complementary research.

One thing we really go well in is sharing our industry knowledge. Now operating in our 8th year we have had a lot of feedback from clients on how they have found success in using their qualifications for employment opportunities or advanced standing at university. We try to offer this general information freely. 

What is Linked in about?

We suggest that clients research services that help start or assist their professional image and networking reach. Feel free to connect with us to start your portfolio. You can find the link on the home page – the blue box with the white “in”.

I didn’t like something.

Please tell us so we can try and fix this and not do it again.